"Perfect for a Natural Look"

"The Best Cluster Lashes, Period"

"Noon is just as good as Lashify, except more durable and less expensive!"


Dawn is my fav lashes!!! I love the wispy-ness of the look and people ask me where I get my lash extensions on! So I love that they don’t look like β€œglue on” lashes!

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Favorite DIY Lash

I've tested a lot of different brands, and Noon is my favorite. Many of the lashes on the market are severely lacking in quality.

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Perfect lashes for a natural look!

I have hooded eyes and prefer the criss cross whispy lashes. These were perfect for what I was looking for.

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Good Product

I honestly love them, they've lasted me about a week before I had to take them off and clean them up.

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