Noonlash Gentle Lash Remover


A compact, gentle way to dissolve your NOONLASH bond. Our lash removing wand is formulated to be gentle on sensitive eyes ☁️ *Please note that your order will come with 1 gentle remover.

Dissolves NOONLASH bond
Easy-to-use wand applicator
Vegan & cruelty free
Gentle on sensitive eyes


Noonlash Tool Kit

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Whisper-light lashes that feel just right 👌

Noonlash is as perfect for a date at a swanky wine bar as it is for a day spent working from home in your oldest sweats. Noonlash's ultra-light Korean silk fibers and tools that are thoughtfully tailored to be gentle on sensitive eyes give you the freedom to lash however and whenever you desire.

The secret to Noonlash's effortless vibe? A clear lash band & luxurious mini segments.

👆😉 We're not keeping that a secret. Tell everyone you know.