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1. Pick Your Lash

Gently remove your chosen segments from the box.

2. Bond

Using the bond side of your 2-in-1 tube, apply a single, thin layer to your lashes - focus on the base of your lashes.

3. Apply Segments

Pick up your first segment with the applicator and apply it under your natural lashes.

4. Repeat

Repeat for all segments and slightly overlap to ensure a seamless look.

5. Press

Using the curved side of your applicator, gently press your segments and hold for 5 seconds to seal the bond.

6. Dew Coat

Using the dew side of your 2-in-1 tube, finish with a light coat of Noonlash Dew Coat over the entire surface of your lashes.

Follow Our Tutorial

Applying our lashes does come with a bit of a learning curve but it's oh-so worth it! Follow along our in-depth tutorial to get started. Our team is happy to assist with any further questions, just contact

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