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Whisper-light lashes that feel just right 👌

Noonlash is as perfect for a date at a swanky wine bar as it is for a day spent working from home in your oldest sweats. Noonlash's ultra-light Korean silk fibers and tools that are thoughtfully tailored to be gentle on sensitive eyes give you the freedom to lash however and whenever you desire.

The secret to Noonlash's effortless vibe? A clear lash band & luxurious mini segments.

👆😉 We're not keeping that a secret. Tell everyone you know.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Bianca M Lee
Best lashes <3

I honestly have been enjoying these so much I keep repurchasing them. They are so flatting on and also so comfortable. Highly recommend.

Noon >>>

I got the noon starter kit and have been LOVING it. I mix between 10/12’s depending on the event I’m going to and have found this style to match how I like my lashes to look. Will be ordering more for sure!!


Taking one star off because after trying all the lashes noon might be my least fav—structurally. This one seems to be the only one where the lashes fall off easily…. I think because of the design/structure. But they are still great!! I just can’t wear these more than once like the others.


Dawn is my fav lashes!!! I love the wispy-ness of the look and people ask me where I get my lash extensions on! So I love that they don’t look like “glue on” lashes!

Alyssa K.
Sunset Is My Go-To!

Absolutely stunning! These lashes are incredibly simple to apply, and they blend seamlessly for a natural look. The extended ends create a subtle wing effect, making them a perfect choice for those who prefer longer lashes at the outer corners.