Why is Noonlash better than other lash brands?

We don't spread hate here 🤭 But we put a lot of care and love into creating an ultra light lash you can apply at home, wear for days and even re-use.

Some key characteristics that make Noonlash luxurious and stand out:

  • Noonlash is gentle and non-damaging to your natural lashes, so you won’t lose your lashes like you do with salon extensions
  • Noonlash features segments with a clear strip so you can create a super blended, natural look - no dark black strip or one long lash that you have to cut.
  • Noonlash is made with feather-light 100% Korean PBT silk so that your beautiful look is also comfy.
  • Noonlash lashes and tools are vegan, cruelty free, latex free and hypoallergenic.