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Luna elevates the lash experience by seamlessly blending these two lengths, resulting in a dynamic and multi-dimensional effect. The shorter length creates depth while the longer length round out the appeal with an eye-catching, airy finish. At the base, the clusters are made of 2 dense groupings that define the eye shape, making this a perfect evening or night-out lash.

Includes: 3 lengths of lashes, precision applicator, gentle remover, 2-in-1 bond and dew coat wand.
Wispy, subtle look
Whisper thin, "invisible" band
Similar to a C curl
Vegan & cruelty free
Gentle on sensitive eyes


Noonlash Tool Kit

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Whisper-light lashes that feel just right 👌

Noonlash is as perfect for a date at a swanky wine bar as it is for a day spent working from home in your oldest sweats. Noonlash's ultra-light Korean silk fibers and tools that are thoughtfully tailored to be gentle on sensitive eyes give you the freedom to lash however and whenever you desire.

The secret to Noonlash's effortless vibe? A clear lash band & luxurious mini segments.

👆😉 We're not keeping that a secret. Tell everyone you know.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Very impressed!

I’ve tried many different brands of lashes and these have been the best by far. The only way I know I have them on is by seeing them in the mirror. They are so lightweight and don’t irritate your eyes at all, which is usually my biggest complaint with other lash brands. I have oily eyelids unfortunately and these still lasted 4 full days (and would’ve lasted longer but I took them off to clean them preemptively) while most other brands lasted only 2 days for me. I will definitely be ordering more styles of lashes and won’t ever go back to any other brands. Wish I could give 10 stars!

Super easy to apply and looks natural

It was more than just easy to apply the dawn set. I have small eyes, so I only needed 6 of 10mm sets. They look natural and very flattering. I will see how long they will last! But considering this was my first time applying it, I couldn't be happier with less than 5 minute application.

Jess Harding
So easy and very durable

I was so surprised at how easy it was to put these on. First try, done in like 9 minutes. I’m on day 6 with the lashes and they’re just now starting to look a little loose but Im sure I still have at least 1 or 2 more days left with them. They look so natural. The only downside is that I’ve had a few moments my eyes feel a little itchy/burny from the bond and sealer getting in my eyes but it’s been minor

Tamara Clark
These are the best I've tried so far!

They actually last and are weight less!


Love these lashes. I’ve used other brands but this is the most comfortable I’ve used. It’s also easy to apply. Will definitely buy again.